Real Estate Lawyer in La Paz, Mexico

Real Estate Lawyer in La Paz, Mexico

Real Estate Lawyer in La Paz, Mexico

More and more people from Canada and the U.S. are purchasing property in Mexico, including the La Paz area. Prices can be affordable, and owning a home allows people to live as ex-pats in Mexico or have a place to visit during the winters. 

Real estate opportunities are constantly arising in La Paz for both developers and single-family homeowners. However, the process of buying or building real estate in Mexico is complicated for non-residents. It is important to have a real estate lawyer in La Paz, Mexico guiding you through the process. Reach out to Baja Liberty Law Firm to learn more. 


A fideicomiso is a Mexican bank trust that must be used for foreign investors to purchase real estate. Mexican law includes several prohibitions for foreign nationals purchasing coastal properties, which are often the most attractive to buyers. However, a fideicomiso trust will act as intermediary to allow you to own the property for your benefit. Our law firm can assist you in becoming beneficiaries of the fideicomiso by dealing with the banks that issue them. Under a Fideicomiso you have the rights of a property owner, including modifying, selling or leaving the property to other beneficiaries through the trust.

Whether you need to become a beneficiary, renew a trust, or update property inheritance, we can assist with the entire fideicomiso process with the bank.

Notario Público

In Mexico, the state appoints lawyers to serve as Notario Públicos and oversee all property-related transactions. As a purchaser, you must register your transaction with a Notario, who handles the title search and transfer process. Notario Públicos also address property taxes, document authentication, and recording the new title with the Public Registry.  

We represent you through this process to ensure everything goes as it should with the Notario overseeing your real estate purchase. 

Ejido Land Purchases

Ejido land refers to properties owned by communities instead of individuals. These properties and the collective ownership were initially intended to protect farmland, and the law prevents investors from outside Mexico from owning Ejido land when it’s the first real estate transaction ever for that specific property. Our lawyers can determine whether it is possible to convert Ejido property into private land, which opens up purchasing opportunities.

There are many things to consider when buying Ejido property in Baja California Sur; for instance, most ejido properties in BCS don’t have title, there’s also a right of first refusal granted to Ejido family members.


If you are considering purchasing a condo or developing a condo complex in La Paz, you need to know about Mexico’s condominium regime issues. The regime will oversee all related matters – from permits to build to agreements and conditions for condo owners. We ensure that the condo regime is approved by City Hall and the Notario in accordance with the civil code, and then we handle all issues related to purchasing or developing condominiums – including helping you fully understand your homeowner rights and restrictions. 

Land Development

New development requires licenses, permits, state approval, construction licenses, and more. We assist investors with the many complex matters they need to address before – and after – they break ground on a major project. 

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Baja Liberty Law Firm knows the benefits and challenges of Mexican real estate investment. We can help you achieve your objectives and protect your investment, so please reach out today for more information.

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