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Baja California Sur Estate Planning Attorneys

The process of purchasing your dream property in a foreign country can be extensive. Once you secure your property or complete your development project, you want to ensure you protect your investment – even after you pass away. At Baja Liberty Law Firm, we offer estate planning services to help our clients plan for the future and ensure they have the proper documents in place. 

If you are from Canada or the United States and own property in Mexico – or are in the process of securing a property – reach out to our estate planning lawyers as soon as possible. 

The Importance of Proper Estate Planning for Your Mexican Real Estate

It is important to address Mexican estate planning if you do any of the following in Mexico:

  • Own a home
  • Own an LLC or corporation
  • Have bank, savings, or investment accounts
  • Have a trust
  • Have legal residency
  • Split assets between Mexico and another country

We work with clients who need estate planning for various reasons but most commonly due to real estate and corporate ties to Mexico.

Too many people assume that if they have an estate plan in their home country, it is enough to handle their affairs in Mexico once they pass away. However, the legal system in Mexico is quite different from those in Canada or the U.S., and not having a Mexican estate plan can leave your family facing complex legal issues and risk your property not being handled according to your wishes. 

Our legal team can assess your situation and put in place all the necessary documents to protect your property, assets, business, and beneficiaries. 

Trusts and Wills

Each country has its own requirements for a valid will or trust, and we can advise you whether you need one or both documents in place. Most foreign property owners form trusts when they purchase the real estate, and this might be enough to leave the property to a beneficiary when you pass away. However, if you own any other property or assets in Mexico, you might need a will, and we can ensure you have a comprehensive estate plan in place. 

Executor or Conservator Services

It is always preferable to designate an executor or conservator who lives in Mexico and understands Mexican laws and estate planning. Our law firm provides these professional services for our clients, so they do not have to worry about who will be in charge once they pass away. 

Tax Services

We address the many complex tax issues involving estates, having a Mexican trust with citizenship in the U.S. or Canada, and more. 

Consult with a Baja California Sur Estate Planning Lawyer Today

At Baja Liberty Law Firm, we understand the legal concerns and challenges of ex-pats who purchase property and build a life in Mexico. We assist with many aspects of this process, including ensuring our clients have the proper estate planning in place. Please reach out to our office for more information about our legal services today. 

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We would highly recommend Francisco Gonzalez to handle any legal issue you may encounter. Francisco is a exceptional individual. Francisco handled our four year residency application and delivered just as he said he would. He is in our opinion a decent honest man. He was a joy to work with.

John & Susan H.

We were very impressed with the team of Attorneys at Baja Liberty  who were able to draft several urgent documents on a Saturday and get the Notary to come to our house and notarize them on a Sunday.

Steve & Sherryl

We decided it would be a good idea to have a will in Mexico for our assets here. While we were at it we had a healthcare advance directive drawn up for use in Mexico. Francisco was able to seamlessly draft the language for the documents, organize all of the…

Steve & Cindy

Francisco speaks fluent English, translates easily and is a tenaciously efficient navigator of the various agencies. He is extremely talented, respectful, and well-spoken in dealing with the municipal, state, and federal agencies necessary to resolve my complicated issue.


Francisco Gonzalez has solved for me numerous legal problems both as a friend and as my legal representative. He’s a highly competent and experienced attorney. As a Canadian widow I came across several people who tried to take advantage of my situation in Mexico, and Francisco handled my problems with…

Amy T.
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